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Michelle Forward
My massage therapy practice, located in the Floatation Centre, is centered on rehabilitation of acute and chronic conditions as well as deep relaxation. In 2017, I completed five years of osteopathy studies and am curently a thesis writer. Integrating everything I have learned in osteopathy school in my massage practice allows me to better treat my clients. With massage therapy, I empower clients with knowledge of their conditions and choices available to them.  This is important in the mind-body connection that facilitates positive change.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Decrease stress
Alleviate muscle soreness
Improve circulation and immune system
Increase body awareness

These are some basic benefits you will receive with a massage. Some specific conditions that are commonly treated with massage are headaches, joint stiffness, decrease in range of motion (mobility), digestive problems, anxiety, aches and pain, swelling. If you have any questions regarding a particular matter and whether massage can help you, please do not hesitate to call or email me.


The Floatation Centre is happily located at 2631 King Street in North End Halifax. We have 3 parking spaces available FOR YOU, and while there is street parking found in the area, please plan accordingly and plan ahead.  King Street is an odd vortex that doesn’t take much to get busy & full but it’s recently been paved and we’ve rolled out the red carpet for you!

2631 King Street Halifax, NS B3K 4T7


General Email
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